Winter is here, and for once, we’re actually feeling the effects of cold weather in Florida. Here are some tips for bearing through the cold weather:

  1. Closed-toe shoes: A must for this frigid weather! Those of us affected with poor circulation, varicose veins, raynauds, diabetes, etc. have to make sure we’re protecting our feet and toes. Cold weather can cause a decrease in blood circulation to the toes, which can lead to many symptoms and issues, such as numbness, tingling, discoloration and discomfort. It’s important to wear comfortable, supportive closed-toe shoes. Inserts, also called orthotics, are key to supporting the tendons and ligaments in the foot and maintaining the overall shape of the foot. You can purchase these at our office and are more affordable then you could imagine! No appointment is necessary to purchase these, just stop by the front desk–although we do recommend if you’ve never seen a foot doctor, make an appointment to have your foot evaluated so we can get you in the best gear for your feet!
  2. Socks: Make sure you’re wearing socks with your closed toe shoes. We always recommend cotton socks. We have a lot of sweat glands in our feet, and even in the cold weather, our feet can still sweat. It’s important to change your socks frequently throughout the day. If it rains outside, which is always a high probability in Florida, make sure you keep an extra pair of socks with you. Wet socks can lead to fungus/athletes foot. If you’re affected by either of these conditions, we have many innovative treatment options for you! Symptoms include, but are not limited to, flakey dry skin, thick discolored nails, itching and redness. Fungus can spread, so at the first signs and symptoms, make sure you stop in the office to discuss your treatment options!
  3. Trauma: The cold weather can cause us to rush indoors from our cars to stay warm. We have many patients coming in to the office that easily tripped and injured their feet or stubbed their toes. If this happens to you, do not wait to see a foot doctor! Injuries can lead to infections which can lead to ulcers or amputations, especially in our diabetic population. It’s important to have any injury, no matter how small or minor you think it may be.

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